Winged Bike Ride Regulations

  • 1. Date, Location, and Time

    Date: September 24, 2023Time: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PMLocation: Kyiv CityStarting Point: Kontraktova Square, near the monument to Hryhoriy SkovorodaFinish Point: H-Park, near the "Muromets" Park

  • 2. Purpose of the Bike Ride

    The "Winged Bike Ride" event (hereinafter referred to as Bike Ride) is held with the aim of raising funds for the purchase of three drones for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as:
    • Popularizing and advocating for a healthy lifestyle and the development of mass sports;• Promoting charitable events in support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

  • 3. Organizers

    The organizers of the Bike Ride are:
    Charitable Foundation "Hurkit", EDRPOU code 44823498, as well asNon-Governmental Organization "Kyiv Cyclists Association", EDRPOU code: 38020620.

  • 4. Bike Ride Conduct Conditions

    Bike Ride operates under the conditions of a state of war. In case the "Air Alert" signal is announced at the beginning of any of the Bike Ride distances, the organizers will stop the Bike Ride until notification on termination of the air alert.
    Compliance with safety measures and the procedure in case of an "Air Alert" signal announcement is mandatory and provided in Section 7 of this Regulation.

  • 5. Bike Ride Program

    September 23, 202310:00 AM – 8:00 PM – Distribution of start packages at the Gorgany store, located at 14 Antonovycha Street, Kyiv.
    September 24, 202309:00 AM – Opening of the Bike Ride venue, Kontraktova Square.09:00 AM - 11:30 AM - distribution of start packages to participants at the starting point of Bike Ride (excluding participants taking part online);11:45 AM – Warm-up for Bike Ride participants;12:00 PM – Start;01:30 PM – End of the distance limit (Finish);02:00 PM – Conclusion of the event.
    It is recommended to arrive at Kontraktova Square at least 1 hour before the Start time to allow for package collection, changing, finding the starting corridor, and warm-up.
    Participants taking part in Bike Ride online and not present at the Bike Ride venue may complete the distance at any time.

  • 6. Conditions for On-Site Bike Ride Participation

    Participants are admitted to the Bike Ride venue upon presentation of documents provided when obtaining the participant's start package:
    ● Identification document confirming the participant's age (mandatory for all participants);● Printout or digital display of the registration confirmation letter for Bike Ride.
    For participants aged 14 and under, it is also mandatory to have the Consent of Parents (Legal Representatives) for the participation of the minor in Bike Ride, which can be provided by signing the Consent of Parents form when obtaining the participant's package.
    All registered participants are personally responsible for their own life and health during the Bike Ride event.
    Participation in the online format is granted after receiving confirmation of registration by the participant, but not earlier than September 24, 2023.

  • 7. Safety Measures During Bike Ride - ATTENTION TO ALL PARTICIPANTS!

    Air Alert and Missile Threats
    The Organizing Committee has developed a safety plan for participants of the event, with the aim of minimizing risks during Bike Ride. Specifically:
    · Instructed Coordinators of columns and volunteers will supervise all participants during movement.· Announcers and hosts on the loudspeakers will inform all participants about behavior rules and actions in various situations, including in the event of an air alert.· Informational signs with maps and locations of shelter facilities and the fastest routes to them from the moment of sound sirens will be placed at the gathering point of participants and at the finish point.· Coordinators of columns and event volunteers will divide the event participants and escort them in groups to shelter facilities in case of an air alert.· Before the event, the Bike Ride Team will send rules of conduct, a map with shelter facilities along the entire route, and information about the movement of columns near the starting and finishing points to the registered participants' email.
    Actions in Case of "Air Alert" Signal:
    1. BEFORE the event, familiarize yourself with the shelter map along the Bike Ride route.
    2. BEFORE the event, download offline maps of the area.
    3. BEFORE the event, in case of loss of communication, internet, or electricity - prearrange with close ones a plan of action and a meeting place.
    4. Listen carefully to announcements from the Bike Ride Organizers and follow their instructions.
    5. Immediately proceed to the nearest shelter, the location of which will also be communicated by the Bike Ride Organizers.
    6. If you are unable to reach a shelter in time or if the shelter is far from your location - immediately enter a windowless room and follow the "two-wall" rule.
    Threats of deteriorating weather conditions:
    In case of receiving a warning from the State Emergency Service in the region of Bike Ride, on the eve of the event or on the day of its conduct, regarding possible significant deterioration of weather conditions or the emergence of life-threatening situations due to severe weather phenomena (including, but not limited to: earthquake, flood, hurricane, hail, cyclone, storm, lightning, other natural disasters), the Bike Ride Organizer reserves the right, at their own discretion, to take measures to ensure the safety of participants, spectators, fans, and all those directly or indirectly involved in Bike Ride.
    The Organizing Committee of the event has developed an internal safety scale, according to which, in the event of adverse weather conditions, the Organizing Committee will act according to the agreed plan and will require all participants to strictly follow its requirements, namely:
    Level 1 danger - wind at a speed of 7-9 meters per second - dismantling of inflatable arches, lightweight structures, light tents, promo, and photo zones.Level 2 danger - wind at a speed of 9.5-10 meters per second - dismantling of all tents, photo zones, as well as dismantling of the starting-finish arch crossbar.The Bike Ride Organizers will ask to remove anything that may pose a danger. There is a high probability of canceling part of the event. The decision to cancel will be made immediately before the start, based on the actual weather conditions at that moment.Level 3 danger - wind 11 meters per second and higher - a decision will be made to hold or cancel the event. The decision to cancel will be made immediately before the start, based on the actual weather conditions at that moment.

  • 8. Routes and Track.

    Starting Point: Kontraktova SquareFinish Point: X-Park (near "Muromets" Park)Route Distance: Kontraktova Square – Sahaidachnoho Street – Poshtova Square – Foot Bridge – Trukhanivska Street – Passage under the North Bridge – X-Park (near "Muromets" Park)Estimated Route Length: approximately 10 kilometers.

  • 9. Registration for Bike Ride

    Participants are admitted to Bike Ride upon proper and timely registration for Bike Ride.
    Electronic registration for participants is open from September 13, 2023, to September 24, 2023 (subject to availability of free slots) on the Bike Ride organizer's website .
    Registration on September 24, 2023, is only possible at the Bike Ride venue before its start.
    Persons registered from September 22 to September 24, 2023, can only receive start packages at the Bike Ride venue before its start.
    The Bike Ride Organizer has the right to suspend or completely close registration without prior notice upon reaching the participant limit. Participant limit - 700 people.
    A participant is considered registered if they have filled out the application and paid the charitable donation.

  • 10. Entry donation for Individual Registrations

    The cost of the entry donation in both online and offline formats is 578 UAH.The entry donation does not include the money transfer fee.Participants of Bike Ride make the payment of the entry donation by electronic payment on the organizer's website during registration for participation in Bike Ride.

  • 11. Start packages and their collection

    Distribution of start packages for participants in offline format will take place as follows:
    On September 24, 2023 - at the Bike Ride venue until the start of the event - Kontraktova Square.The participant's start package includes:
    Participant's starting number.Route map with shelter locations marked.Offers from partners.Pins for attaching the participant's starting number.
    For participants attending the Bike Ride venue, the start package also includes:
    Finisher's medal (offline - provided at the finish line upon completing the distance, or online - sent after completing the distance and confirming the result).Finisher's package: apple, banana, water.Catering at the finish line.Musical support on the route.

  • 11.1. Delivery of start package within Ukraine

    Receiving the start package within Ukraine is possible upon registration no earlier than a week before the Bike Ride date or within one week after registration (in case of registration after the Bike Ride date) through Nova Poshta delivery service. The delivery arrangement is made automatically during registration. The participant covers the cost of start package delivery according to the carrier's rates.

  • 11.2. International Delivery of start package

    International delivery of the start package is possible within 30 days after registration to participate in Bike Ride. The delivery arrangement is made automatically during registration. The participant covers the cost of international start package delivery according to the carrier's rates.

  • 12. Catering and Hydration Points

    Catering and hydration points are located at the finish line. At these points, water, medical assistance, food, and volunteer assistance are available.

  • 13. Online Participation in Bike Ride

    Participants who take part in Bike Ride online and do not attend the Bike Ride venue can complete the corresponding Bike Ride distance anywhere and on any day, but not earlier than the Bike Ride date.
    After completing the distance, participants send a screenshot of their result (10 km) from any of the applications used to record cycling results to the organizer's email address. The delivery address for the finisher's medal is also provided in the email.
    The finisher's medal will be sent to such a participant within 30 calendar days after the organizer receives confirmation of the Bike Ride results, to the address provided in the email.

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